Founded in 1985 we have been custom builder to a variety of sectors including: residential, commercial, automotive, mercantile and healthcare.


Instead of the traditional process of hiring a building designer and then bidding the design to a group of contractors, or hiring a general contractor who offers designs of buildings previously built , we offer something different. When we begin a project as the designer and builder, we can incorporate all aspects of the process into one seamless transition from the first programming meeting to handing over the keys. Budget, schedule, site constraints and design character are all evaluated at the first meeting and refined as the design progresses and throughout constuction.. Owners are fully engaged in every aspect of the project from the first day, instead of finding out what the final price will be on a project only after design and bidding. We offer an open-book system of estimating that allows owners to see all cost’s and fees, including our own, throughout the process.

We can work with a designer you select or provide you with a team of design professionals to construct your vision.

Commercial, residential, new construction, renovation, tenant upfit or complete development, we can provide all the construction services our clients need.

We have an unlimited General Contractors license in South Carolina

Building rehabilitation or renovation

During construction, owners are kept involved as much as possible or as much as they want to be. By structuring contracts either as a fixed sum or as a cost plus, owners can guide the budget either through pre-construction specification writing or through budget updates as line items are executed.