Each project starts with an exercise to understand not only the function of the intended building, but sometimes more importantly the character and presence that the building is about.

Each building design, whether a residence or a commercial structure, is designed to enhance through architecture whatever function the owner intends for the space. Computer aided design allows us to show each client a 3-d computer model fly-around to experience the designs scale, balance and proportion, things typically difficult to see in two dimensional drawings.

We can help you bring your idea to life. We help clients find design solutions for all their construction requirements, and maintain the balance between budget, schedule and the overall vision of the finished project.

In business since 1988, we have been helping owners integrate their visions into the built environment throughout the Southeast, now focusing on the Greenville, Anderson and Spartanburg area. One of our primary focuses is careful orchestration of all elements of the design to reinforce the bigger design idea or purpose of the project. Regardless of the activity within the building, we want to enhance it through thoughtful design to create a space that improves whatever the owner’s use: retail, medical, manufacturing or residential.

We understand that many buildings present the opportunity for three different views:

  • View of
  • View from
  • View through